At Maxis Calibre, we make things and break things. We are a strategic consultancy offering best in class problem-solving strategies as our core service with specialisation in disruption. We help grow business, brands, communities and startups with scalable marketing and business strategy solutions

Winning agency pitches have been awarded from our strategies. We have already re-engineered better ways to serve the needs of clients and work with agencies to improve value chains through our unique hard-soft pitch process.

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About Us

Whether it's repositioning for growth, launching a new brand, disrupting a market or making the planet a better place, we understand success drivers are unique to each challenge, so we treat each one as an opportunity to do something really great

Clever solutions, powerful results

From business, corporate enterprises, government, agencies, startups and communities, our strategic solutions are built on a unique interconnected approach to business intelligence, market strategy and innovative technology

Go beyond the obvious

With over 15 years of expertise and constantly experimenting with new ideas, we transform data into intelligence, generate big innovative ideas and drive strategy in action for a multitude of industries: FMCG, Financial Services, Building & Construction, Retail, Ecommerce, Mobile Applications, and more

Simplicity is key

Occam's razor is our guiding principle so we keep it simple, assume less and question more



Better decisions for decision-makers

  • Advanced data analysis and modelling
  • Data visualisation and reporting
  • Research & insight generation
  • Gap analysis & planning


Strategy in action

  • Disruption roadmap and strategy
  • Business growth modelling
  • Market and brand strategy
  • Route-to-market, channel and communication strategy
  • Innovation, research and development
  • Customer experience models
  • Digital strategy and platform development

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Imagine the possibilities

  • Integrating a suite of blockchain, AI and big data solutions to propel business, enterprise, brands and communities

N-Lite Planet

Better futures for all

  • Pro bono consulting to cause-related initiatives and organisations

Past Work Experience

Our Partners

Together with our partners, we solve problems, help clients make smarter decisions and grow businesses


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